Shame of illegal parking  posté le lundi 06 mai 2013 06:12

The page, You've got my car park, Want my disability too?, has been "liked" by almost 2000 people who support the move encouraging people to snap and post photographs of any car seen parked in spaces dedicated to drivers with disabilities.

So far nearly 100 photos have been posted showing everything from standard sedans to courier vans, police cars and luxury vehicles parked in the sought after spots.

But visitors to the page appear split on the merits of the protest, established by a man who wants only to be known only as 'M'.

Most vehemently support the move, calling such drivers lazy, self-centred and "utterly thoughtless".

"About time someone stood up for the people who genuinely need those parks. Well done!" wrote Pamela Mumford.

Some fans suggested "keying" the illegally parked cars, removing their wheel nuts or slapping the windscreens with large, hard-to-remove "I'm lazy" stickers.

Not all agreed though, with several taking Robert Lines' view that culprits are using spots that would otherwise go unused.

"Dislike ... as these parks often lie empty in congested car parks," he wrote.

The support group CCS Disability Action has said it does not advise people to act so directly as they may get verbally abused by the drivers.

But the head of Age Concern, Ann Martin, said the move may encourage councils to implement more stringent checking of disabled parks and tougher penalties for those who flout the rules.

The fine is $150 for vehicles not carrying one of 100,000 mobility parking permits issued in New Zealand.

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Money and life  posté le jeudi 07 février 2013 08:42

In this world, money for us, really is Mrs. important, if there is no money, you will starve to death, you will be eriments person looked down upon by others, you will feel oneself live very failure, you will feel a lack of warmth in this world, you will feel that the world is unfair to you, you will feel that you want to what to buy limited.

In one was born in a not very rich for me, for money is relatively important, but it's wasted. Do not look how he 's coming, mindset Development see it is important to borrow my, I hit the abacus let others also etc..

At a meeting in person in my life, there are 90% people in order to earn money and desperately, 10% people go to the province, it is a communication ring me, of course there is the former, the latter is due.

( sometimes feeling is actually very much, but I sometimes want to write and write not to come out, do not know how to write, and I do not know how to start, only a little bit of code, or inconsistent, anyway, children cancer sometimes written just to have a look yourself and others. )

There are a lot of people do not know how to earn more money, a lot of people don't know how to save money, many people do not know how to value these earn the money be not easily won, sometimes think, we will really like the professor say? Life for what, you earn money, not spend, and death cannot take away. Didn't you spend with you? This problem has plagued me now, do not know, when parents read primary school from our began to leave us with the relatives of the home, the old man lived in our childhood, and they go home from the lunar January until the end of the year to bags. When they come back inside the city is almost out of things, you can not buy, do not buy much cheaper, they spend ten years to ten years, while the us from childhood to middle age, childhood for us, is not a healthy thing to do, thought also has distorted the, children multiple at that time we have slowly towards a marching before their parents through the road, save money on food and expenses before there to their city live plant family life ( moonlight clan ), waiting for our road is two 10 in the factory a younger sister Wang, or home of knot legitimate child, then the parents at home to take care of, but we have to embark on the working population life, like this one generation cycle, and life is like this always go on.

In fact, as now the network what rich two generations or what the rich, there may be a few decades ago are with our life now? I think, life is just like that? What are clouds ah, I hate that day for work life, I hate that day do not know want to point things, I hate this society the scumbag out social rules here (of course, perhaps including myself ).

Now do a house in the home, casually take two, but we stay at home for only three hundred and sixty-five days of sixty-five days, this may have been a very long time, in the house with the outside the villa, but live in only then several days to go out, and ran outside the house is a kind of evening pee next door can hear, this is the gap, I don't know why we like this to make money, this fight, initiative different and living environment is not inside the house 1/10!

All everything is nothing ah, money let us lose myself, let we should simply alive, and let the money to us on a layer of encryption lock. Let us can not find a way out, not a direction!

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This way of life  posté le lundi 31 décembre 2012 03:35

This life, I can't stand, every day except eat, drink, eat, run to the next doctoral programs in business to the TV to watch TV, read, go to bed.

This life, I spent many days 10, I tired, do not want this, I want to do, I want to find a place to vent their feelings. A shout, ah, why my life is so, why, I want to change, what should I do, I think many times, I want to change, I don't want to live this life, this life is really very cruel, china business study can make a person become lazy, but also can let a person be like a pig!

Once, once again, I say, I want to go out and look for a job, or the mouth of the light, and will not, dba1a01ek why ah. I let myself down again, had hoped to own, but I can not face the reality!

When you read the book, when we wish is, face reality, step, a step, life is like stairs, walk more, you will know, never walked half of regret, because it is so, then nothing can do, no matter what, because you are not under the pressure, you can not stand the stress, Chinese management program you will appear in front of you. Often bother you.

I regret it now, since I came out, I regret it, I think, life, life, very sad, had not

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Middle-aged mood  posté le mardi 04 décembre 2012 09:32

Tonight, on my lamp, I finally feel a middle-aged mood.

It is a complex but simple, both sad and happy, both helpless but not resentful mood.

This is something I have cystal not fully aware of the

At that time, in more than 10 years ago, when the ship docked to the journey of the last station, when I was in the French port of Marseilles when, world once cystal with how shine with great splendor appearance to greet me! I, a department of art little graduates, a young eastern woman, is with how a warm as a pilgrim soul, in museums and galleries in the corridor, a picture of a painting to see the past, every corner of the world are not willing to let go. While in school, every test, every competition, kris00 with a hundred times the extraordinary strength of fighting, not be the first to. The cold night, in the centre of Brussels rented a studio, girl I seem to have a martyr in the mood.

At that time, my head full of all sorts of beautiful objects, each of which has a different luster, I each love, want, and, will get. ... ... ...

More than 10 years of life, I have a different, I already know, the beauty of this world is infinite, and all my life, I can get only limited in the finite, there was only a little.

Therefore, if that is so, why not good to enjoy my eyes can see this point finite beauty?

Of course, I know, in a building, or, in another room, or even, in the wall, a door, I have yet to see the exotic and beautiful, perhaps in my foot, stride, conba a door between can see.

But, I also deeply understand, when I think of a turn, the original is in front of me, it has quietly appeared in front of me in the picture on the wall, had been waiting for me for so many years, already wait for me coming, the original, the original has been to now my heart, just be my future comfort and happiness that beauty, will be when I turned the moment, I was always behind. Therefore, I came to a halt. Perhaps in this piece of grey purple water lily slightly before, kife perhaps in another museum, in the magical night, innocent lion light smell the Sleeping Gypsy picture before, I quietly stopped. I can get limited, I would be an infinite dedicated and enthusiastic

Middle-aged picture, should see a quiet and contented mood.

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science  (share) posté le mercredi 28 novembre 2012 07:42

Ministry of science and technology news web site Nokia Lumia, recently, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Minister Wan Gang of science and technology to Zhejiang Hangzhou ancient hill road electric vehicle charging station for inspection and guidance germ killer.

Secretary Wan Gang and his entourage watched electric vehicle battery replacement is convenient service demonstration, inspected the centralized charging (storage ) region and the electric car service business hall, listened to the Zhejiang Electric Power Corporation electric automobile charge for electricity service and network introduction. In the inspection process, foreign minister Wan Gang also think carefully about the electric car battery type, battery life, Hangzhou and changing the electricity service network construction and scale plastic bag manufacturer, car rental fees etc..

Wan Gang's minister of electric car charges by mileage way fully affirmed, he pointed out, the charges for users is fair, especially in national support policies on the basis of Hangzhou City, on battery lease purchase pure electric automobile consumption is free to use the battery for 3 years or 60000 kilometers on the public policy, has the very strong attraction. To further increase the electric vehicle propaganda solar panel supplier, to enlarge the electric car market scale, in the realization of electric taxis based on, exert oneself to electric car rental and business car market development china company setup.

Warburg securities that, " a pure electric driving " electric vehicles in order to city public transport and private small car in the field as a priority to start the market. Electric cars will be with a small electric motor and city bus is a key breakthrough, give priority to the development, formation of " two crowded " development pattern, the start of mass market, and then gradually occupy the high-end fuel car this market space, and realize the large-scale commercial demonstration.

Charge for electric infrastructure construction still has development space. According to the " planning ", to 2015, when more than 20 demonstration city and circumjacent area built 2000 charge exchange station, 400000 charge pile, large-scale commercial demand for electric vehicle. But at present solar module manufacturer, charging for electric facilities construction leading country network company only completed a total of 243 charger converter station, the 13000 AC charging point, even with the local government and other corporate planning from the target number, requires greater distance, still have development space, full of good charging pile leading enterprises, the state power Nari otter Xun Air mouse.

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